Open grasslands provide habitat for waterfowl and a unique hunting experience/USFWS Photo

"The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck."

-Walter Cronkite

  • Hunting the Refuge


    Willapa National Wildlife Refuge contains 17,000 acres of uplands and tidelands divided into several management units. All state regulations apply, in addition to all federal and special Refuge regulations. All forms of trapping and baiting are prohibited. UNITS AND SPECIES NOT LISTED ARE CLOSED TO HUNTING.

    Willapa Hunt Map

    More about specific refuge regulations...

     Download the 2018-2019 BIG GAME HUNTING REGULATIONS 

  • A new ADA Blind was constructed at Riekkola

    ADA Blind at Riekkola

    In 2017, a new ADA Blind was constructed at Riekkola.  The blind was built by volunteers Rick Spring and Dave Olear in partnership with the Refuge and Vancouver Wildlife League.  The ADA Blind is reserved for hunters with a disability and their partners.   

  • Riekkola Unit

    150 X 118 goose

    For information about the Riekkola Unit...

     Download the revised Riekkola Goose Hunt Blinds PDF 

     Willapa NWR Riekkola Goose Hunt Regulations & Registration