Additional Information for Hunters

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ATTENTION HUNTERS - please find the information below to supplement the state and refuge hunting regulations for waterfowl, upland birds and big game.

  • Refuge Hunt Map

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  • State Regulations

    Hunters must possess all state licenses, endorsements and stamps that pertain to their hunt. All state regulations apply.

    Washington State Big Game Hunting Season & Regulations

    Washington State Migratory Waterfowl & Upland Game Seasons

  • Refuge Regulations

    Waterfowl Hunting Presidential Proclamation Area: The waters surrounding Long Island and much of southern Willapa Bay are closed to all waterfowl hunting by Presidential Proclamation. Please check Refuge maps for exact boundaries.

    Nontoxic Shot Required: All hunters are required to use only federally approved nontoxic shot while waterfowl hunting. Use or possession of lead shot is prohibited while hunting waterfowl.

    Injuries or accidents occurring on the Refuge must be reported immediately to refuge headquarters.

    Littering is unlawful. Take your spent shells and litter home.

    Motorized equipment: including all - terrain vehicles (ATV’s), dirt bikes and chain saws are prohibited on Refuge lands.

    Boating: Long Island is accessible only by boat. Boats may be used to access tidal portions of the Leadbetter Point Unit, Porter Point, Potshot, North Potshot & Stanely Point. Tidal flows and fluctuations, and strong winds can make boating difficult and sometimes dangerous. A launch ramp is located at Refuge Headquarters. Another ramp is available at the Port of Peninsula in Nahcotta.

    Removal of Items Prohibited: Collecting and removing ANY archeological, historical, or natural material such as plants, mushrooms, berries, or antler sheds is prohibited.

    Blinds and Tree Stands: Only blinds or tree stands that are temporary in design and that are utilized for consecutive days will be permitted. Digging, cutting trees, and vegetation altering for stand or blind placement is not permitted.

    Foot traffic only: All units of the Refuge are open to foot traffic only unless otherwise specified.

    All forms of trapping are prohibited on the refuge.

    Dogs: Dogs are prohibited on all Refuge units except certified assistance animals and dogs used for hunting waterfowl.

    Alcohol: The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.

    Caution: Hunters should examine their own abilities and limitations before using the Refuge. Hunters are cautioned to pay attention to tidal fluctuations when hunting tidal areas.

    Camping on Long Island: A camping permit is required during, and one week prior to, the early elk archery season. No more than 5 people per camp site, and camping is limited to 14 consecutive days (determined by the first member of the camping party’s arrival). Camping is allowed in designated sites only.

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    Review the Willapa NWR Hunt Plan (2218 KB PDF)