Proposed Changes to Refuge Hunt Program

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge will provide expanded opportunities for deer, elk, waterfowl, coot, and snipe hunting for the 2014-15 hunt season. The Lewis, Porter Point, and a portion of the Riekkola units will be open to deer and elk hunting with a firearms restriction (rimfire and centerfire rifles prohibited) in accordance with Washington State and Refuge-specific hunting regulations. New hunting opportunities include:

  • An additional 2,600 acres open to waterfowl hunting in south Willapa Bay 
  • An additional 1,200 acres opened to deer and elk hunting in south Willapa Bay 

The first two phases of the Refuge’s Bear River Estuary Restoration Project are nearly complete and the Refuge has proposed to open the Lewis Unit again to the public, including the hunting of waterfowl, coot, and common snipe. The proposed changes will open Lewis and Porter Point to waterfowl hunting 7 days per week in accordance with Washington State and Refuge-specific hunting regulations. Waterfowl hunters should use caution when hunting areas influenced by tides. We recommend that waterfowl hunters carry and use accurate weather reports and tide charts for the area, and be aware of uneven surfaces and water channels.

Brochures and posted signs will assist hunters in determining the refuge's hunting areas. 


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Review the Proposed Rule document issued by the USFWS.

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