Contributors and Resources

This website is a work in progress and reflects the efforts of many. Volunteers and staff contributed photographs, stories, interviews, articles and research. Meet the people and resources behind this site…

  • Refuge Staff

    refuge staff 150x118

    From biologists to equipment operators, managers and admin staff, it takes a diversity of skills and insights to conserve wildlife and share the stories with you. To the dedicated staff of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge their work is not just a job, it’s a lifelong passion for wildlife.

  • Curt Stephens

    Curt Stephens

    As Chairman of the Ocean Park Area Advertising Committee and owner of Ocean Park Resort, he discovered that both organizations needed photographs for promotion. This need has driven his interest in photography from portraits, landscapes and architecture to wildlife.


  • Joanne Jambor

    Janne Jambor 150x118

    Fueled by her science and art background, Joanne is an amateur photographer who uses her photographs to draw and paint from. She has shared her passion for the natural world as a volunteer with the Friends of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge’s Fourth Grade Environmental Education Program since its inception in 2002.

  • Julie Tennis

    Julie Tennis 150x118

    Julie Tennis is a naturalist, writer and student of Life. She helps others experience the mystery and magic of everyday places through her writing and art. Her work empowers people to spend time immersed in nature, developing a deeper sense of connection and peacefulness in their lives. Find more of Julie’s writing…

  • Kathy Freitas

    Refuge volunteer Kathy Freitas

    Kathy retired from a career as an administrative professional and is a recent transplant to Ocean Park, WA. Her interest in wildlife began as a backyard bird watcher and now she is on a mission to discover all she can about the variety and abundance of wildlife on the Long Beach Peninsula. She is actively involved with the Willapa NWR Complex, Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (or COASST, a citizen science research project at the University of Washington), and Grassroots Garbage Gang (a community beach clean-up group). Both by vocation and avocation, she is a writer, editor, and blogger.

  • Dr. Madeline A. Kalbach

    Dr. Madeline A. Kalbach 150x118

    As the Chair of Canadian Ethnic Studies at the University of Calgary, and now Professor Emeritus, Dr. Kalbach's research interest is in population studies of people or birds. She was a major participant in the Breeding Bird Atlas project for Ontario. She has published articles on birds and bird population trends in Canada and co-authored the publication, “Common Birds of the Long Beach Peninsula: Marsh, Beach, Bay and Backyard”. Dr. Kalbach has travelled extensively with the University of Calgary since 2006 to photograph and study wildlife. She has also been a part-time resident and birder on the Long Beach peninsula since 1992. She is a member of the Shoalwater Birders, the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, and a volunteer for the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Complex. 

  • Mark Johnson

    Refuge volunteer Mark Johnson

    Born and raised in Ilwaco, Mark spent countless hours and days exploring Willapa Bay. Although his current work as a registered nurse at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR, has taken him inland, he dreams of a future retirement on his beloved coast. Mark actively volunteers his time with the Refuge Complex as a way to express his appreciation for so many wonderful and
    meaningful memories gained with this local treasure he considers part of his home.

  • Rollin Bannow

    Rollin Bannow 150x118

    Rollin Bannow is a retired educator with a love of the outdoors. He actively volunteers his time with environmental and community organizations completing field work, taking photos, and developing informational and interesting videos. Discover more about Rollin…

  • Sara Ousley

    Sara Ousley 2014 EE Intern 150x118

    World traveler and nature enthusiast, Sara’s interest in wildlife conservation started while volunteering with a sea turtle conservation program in Costa Rica. Seeking an outlet for her passions, Sara became the 2014 Environmental Education Intern at the Willapa NWRC. While at the Refuge, she assisted with the Fourth Grade Education Program, facilitated community outreach efforts, and wrote text for the websites. She is pursuing sustainable food systems and gardening as her future career.  Lover of animals, yoga, and nature, she is excited to continue her role as an advocate for the planet.

  • Suzy Whittey

    Suzy Whittey 150x118

    Now a resident of Long Beach, WA, Suzy has been volunteering for the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service for the past 28 years. Her dedication to preserving wildlife has earned her the “Outstanding Contribution Award”, the highest award given to volunteers by the USFWS, and the National “Take Pride in America” award. While spending hundreds of hours in the field each year observing and protecting a wide variety of species, Suzy has had time to capture with photography the wonders of our natural world and its wildlife.

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