Hermit Thrush

Catharus guttatus
Hermit Thrush
The Hermit thrush is the only thrush usually seen in the winter in North America. It is our smallest thrush, and is about the size of a House sparrow. It can be told from other thrushes by its reddish tail and narrow, but complete white eye-ring. It makes its nest on the ground out of weeds, twigs, rotten wood and mud. It can be seen foraging on the ground for insects, small invertebrates, fruits and sometimes flowering plants.

The Hermit thrush is an uncommon migrant in the refuge and surrounding area in spring and fall, and it generally winters here.

Facts About Hermit Thrush

Distinct white eye ring

Usually nests in trees in the West, but on the ground in the East.

Ethereal, flute like song