Temporary Road Closures

Refuge plans to temporarily close sections of Highway 49 and Indiahoma Road

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge will temporarily close sections of Highway 49 and Indiahoma Road to conduct necessary road maintenance and fuels reduction January 13-17 and January 27-31 (see map). Visitors and local commuters should make arrangements to avoid these areas during construction.

January 13 through 20, refuge staff will remove hazardous trees and brush along the roadway to increase public safety and create stronger firebreaks against wildfires. For the safety of the public and refuge staff, State Highway 49 from the intersection of Indiahoma Road to West Gate will be closed daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the project is completed. Work is scheduled to begin at the Indiahoma Road intersection and proceed a rolling closure westbound. Areas of the refuge that will be impacted include Sunset, Caddo Lake, and West Gate. It is not anticipated that access to Sunset will be impacted through the weekend; however, access to the Charon’s Garden Wilderness Area will be consistently available through the Treasure Lake area. As the project progresses, areas will be re-opened to public access. The refuge will make every attempt to keep closures at a minimum and to re-open sections of the road as soon as it is safe to do so.

January 27 through 31, refuge staff will install two new cattle guards; one on Highway 49 immediately west of Prairie Dog Town and one on Indiahoma Road near the French Lake turnoff. These new cattle guards will reduce noise pollution and improve access to the western portions to the refuge for road bicyclists. Highway 49 will be closed for approximately 2-3 days while the cattle guard near Prairie Dog Town is installed. Work will transition to Indiahoma Road, which will be closed for approximately 2 days until installation of the second cattle guard is complete. Expect impacts traveling through the refuge as Highway 49 and Indiahoma Road will be impassable at the closure points. The western portions of the refuge will be accessible from both Indiahoma Road and West Gate while the eastern portions will remain accessible from Cache, Medicine Park, and Meers Gates.

Further road closure information may be available on the Refuge Facebook page, or by contacting the Refuge Visitor Center at 580-429-2197.