Section 3f Photography_ Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) kits 512 W Hdr

Get outside and enjoy your refuges! Throughout the seasons, there are endless recreational experiences that await you. Whether it's birding, fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, shelling or photography, there is something for everyone. Refuges are open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. During certain periods of the year, some areas are closed to provide sanctuary for wintering waterfowl and nesting birds. Some portions of refuges are closed on hunt days to visitors who are not hunting for safety reasons. Our hunting and fishing regulation brochures are updated annually and can be downloaded from websites or obtained from refuge visitor centers and offices.

Our visitor centers are the gateways to your refuge experience. At the centers you can pick up trail maps, bird checklists, as well as hunting and fishing information. Here you can view exhibits of wildlife and ecosystems and participate in interpretive and educational programs to learn more about our natural and cultural resources and what management practices are undertaken to protect them.