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Miscellaneous Reports

Bogan, Michael A., 1995. A biological survey of Fort Niobrara and Valentine National Wildlife Refuges. National Biological Service, Ft. Collins, CO. 

Burgett, Galen R. and R.K. Nickel. 1999. Archeological overview and assessment for Lacreek, Fort Niobrara and Valentine NWRS. USFWS Report.

Kaemingk, M.A., and D.W. Willis. 2014. Abiotic and biotic influences on fish communities in Nebraska Sandhill Lakes. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration, Project F-118-R, Study I, Segments 11-15, Final Report, Lincoln. In final revision.

Lang, Jeffery W. 2004. Blanding’s turtles on Valentine NWR, NE: population status, estimate of population size, and road mortality. Refuge Report.

Nelson, Kaken J. and B.J. Esmoil. 1999. Background contaminants evaluation of Fort Niobrara and Valentine NWR. USFWS Report.

Pietz, Pamela J. and M.P. Nenneman. 2013. Effects of grazing regimes on grassland birds at Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. U.S. Geological Survey Report.

Speulda, Lou Ann and R.O. Lewis. 2004. Region 6: Historical and architectural assessment of the depression era work projects. USFWS Report.

Steinauer Robert F., 2006 Vegetation survey of the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. Refuge Report.

Tuta, Zane. 2007. MMRP Site inspection report Grand Island Precision Bombing Range N0.4 US Dept. of Army Report.

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2014
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