Endangered, Threatened, and Special Status Species

of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
Nelsons Checker-mallow - USFWS - 512x289

Species Found (or could be found) at the Refuge

Currently there is one plant species (Nelson’s checker-mallow) that is federally listed as threatened, and two fish species (upper Willamette River run Chinook, and upper Willamette River run steelhead) that are federally threatened and occur or could occur on the refuge. These three species are also state-listed in Oregon as threatened.

Meadow checker-mallow is a state-listed candidate plant species that occurs on several areas of the refuge.

Birds considered species of concern that have been observed on the refuge are olive-sided flycatcher, yellow-breasted chat, acorn woodpecker, Lewis’ woodpecker, and band-tailed pigeon.

Reptiles and amphibians considered species of concern include western pond turtle and northern red-legged frog.

Fish species considered species of concern that may occur in refuge waters are Pacific lamprey and coastal cutthroat trout.

Recovery Efforts

In February 2008, Nelson’s checker-mallow was planted in seven plots on three of the Sherwood Units: Atfálat’i, Tualatin River, and Riverboat. Nelson’s checker-mallow was known to occur on one parcel of the Atfálat’i Unit prior to this planting effort. In 2010, additional plants were added to the plots on the Atfálat’i and Riverboat Units. The plants have experienced good survival since installation and will continue to be monitored. 

Facts About Endangered, Threatened, and Special Status Species