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Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits are required for any commercial activity on the Refuge. Please contact the Refuge for more information.

Import / Export Permits

Are you thinking of purchasing some family treasures while visiting Alaska? Are you returning home with wild game meat or fish?

If you need to cross through Canada (or are from another country) and plan on taking home any wildlife parts (including furs and handicrafts containing wildlife parts) you may need an import/export permit, “Declaration of Import/Export 3-177.”

You will not need a permit to take home any Alaskan item(s) made of fish and wildlife (excluding marine mammals and most feathers) if:
• the value of the handicraft item(s) is less than $250.00
• the animal from which the item(s) was made is not listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES.) (Black and brown bears, wolves, river otter and lynx are common species currently listed as CITES species.)
• you have less than than eight of the same items.

If your fish and wildlife handicraft does not meet this above criteria, you will need a permit and your goods will need to be physically inspected. Please contact the following offices for more information:

Fish and Wildlife Inspector’s Office, Anchorage Airport (907) 271-6198
Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Office, Anchorage (907) 271-6198
Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Office, Fairbanks (907) 456-0255
Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge Office, Tok ( 907) 883-5312

Marine mammal parts (ivory, baleen, etc.) are not allowed into Canada. All pieces containing any marine mammal parts must be mailed or flown back to the lower 48.

For more information and to download a copy of the Declaration Form 3-177, visit and click on the button for importers and exporters.

 For questions and answers on exporting your wildlife from Alaska, visit Exporting Your Wildlife From Alaska 


Last Updated: Nov 08, 2016
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