Use of Refuge Cabins

Wellsley Cabin

Photo shows Jacob Timm @ Wellesley Cabin


Public Use Cabin Policy



As you may know, the Refuge’s public use cabins are available to the public year-round as long as they are not being used by Refuge Staff for management activities. Users are required to check with the Refuge office (907-883-5312) beforehand. If not being used by the Refuge staff or other users, a permit for no more than 14 consecutive days will be issued. However, demand for the cabins during the fall moose hunting season usually exceeds the supply, and thus a lottery system is used to select a user. There are as many as five cabins available. They are the Nebesna River, Jatamund Lake, Stuver Lake, Mirror Lake, and Wellesley Lake Cabins.


1. Applications will only be accepted October 1-31. These applications will be available from the Refuge office (907-883-5312) at any time, and can be picked up in person, emailed or mailed through USPS to applicants.

2. Only one application is permitted for each group.

3. The applications will include options for selecting which cabin is preferred, along with a second choice. Periods of use will be no more than 6 consecutive nights, if demand exceeds requests. During the September state moose hunting season, lottery winners will choose between the first six days of the season or the last six days.

4. The applications will be randomly selected no later than close of business of the second Monday of November. Winning applicants will be notified immediately by telephone and/or mail. Alternates will also be identified in the event of cancellations.

While the primary purpose of the cabins is to support Refuge management activities, the Fish and Wildlife Service will continue to make every effort to accommodate the recreating public. Additionally, staff will attempt to make sure the cabins are adequately stocked with firewood, propane, and emergency rations, but is a good idea to call ahead to confirm.


For additional information, please call the Refuge Manager at 907-883-9401