Endangered Species

"Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of preservation than the rich array of animal life with which out country has been blessed." -Richard Nixon

  • Least Tern

    Least Tern 150 x 113

    This bird occurs on the refuge during the spring and fall migrations. There are not any formal surveys in the areas where this species has been observed. So, is it suspected that most occurrences go unnoticed.

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  • Piping Plover

    Piping Plover 150 x 117

    Piping plover is a very rare fall migrant on the refuge. There are only four known records, 2 on the Big Sandy Unit and 2 on the Duck River Unit. The most recent of those being in 2010.

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  • Freshwater Mussels

    Fanshell Mussel 150 x 118

    There are 6 mussel species that are listed as endangered that have to possibility to occur withing the waters of the Tennessee River on the refuge: ring pink, orangefoot pimpleback, pink mucket, rough pigtoe, fanshell, and white wartyback.

  • Pygmy Madtom

    Pygmy Madtom  150 x 46

    This is an endemic species for the Tennessee River drainage area. In 1993 the pygmy madtom was reported to be one of the rarest fishes in North America. 

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  • Indiana and Gray Bats

    Indiana bat 150 x 148

    There are not records of either the Indiana or the Gray bat on the refuge, but it is likely they periodically occur on the refuge. The refuge is within the range of these two species and has suitable habitat for them.

  • Other Endangered Species

    Endangered species work 150 x 118

    To learn more about what the U.S. Fish and Wildlfie Service is doing to help endangered species, please visit the Endangered Species Home Page.