Critter Crates

Critter Crates are 12 environmental education trunks that are designed for teachers, home school parents, Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, church leaders, or any educators of children. They are specific to Kindergarten through 8th grade, but are easily adaptable for preschool or higher grades. To see a list of all the items in a crate, click the learn more link.

These boxes can be checked out FREE for a 4-6 week period simply by contacting the refuge office. Transportation of the crates is the responsibility of the educator. The crates are located at the Visitors Center at 1371 Wildlife Drive, Springville, TN 38256.

  • Mammal Hides

    mammals 150x222

    Learn about our furry friends with mammal hides and guide books...

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  • Mammal Skulls

    bobcat skull 150x158

    Skulls, publications, and videos will help you learn more about mammals...

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  • Birds/Waterfowl

    waterfowl 150x107

    Waterfowl can easily be identified by their wings and this crate can help...

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  • Tree Trunk

    tree guide 150x220

    This Crate will hep you learn about trees and plants...

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  • Insects/Spiders

    butterfly book 150x221

    Learn more about creepy crawlies with this crate, it also includes equipment to help you collect some examples...

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  • Rivers/Ecosystems

    stream ecosystem 150x115

    There is a lot that goes on under the water of rivers, and this crate will help you find out what that includes...

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  • Herptiles

    shells and book 150x132

    This crate is full of skins, shells, and literature to help you learn about our scaly and slimy skinned critters...

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  • Raptors

    barred owl wing 150x118

    Learn more about these amazing birds of prey...

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  • Wet n' Wild

    WOW cover 150x230

    Rivers, ponds, wetlands! They are all important and fun to explore...

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  • Animal Signs

    animal signs 150x109

    Learn how to identify animals by the signs they leave behind...

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  • Songbird Blues

    songbird books 150x163

    Songbirds are a wonderful subject to introduce people of all ages to the outdoors, this crate will help...

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  • Endangered Species

    vanishing book 150x185

    The literature and videos in this crate will help you learn about species of animals who are in trouble...

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