Watching and learning about birds are a favorite past time of many. Read below to find out why and some tips on how to get started!

  • Bird Watching

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    Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge offers abundant opportunities to watch over 300 species of birds.

    For a complete list, see our bird checklist brochure.

    Visit our wildlife viewing and photography page for some helpful tips on where to go see our birds.

  • Songbirds

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    Songbirds are among the smallest sized birds that use Tennessee NWR. They are often referred to as “perching birds” because they hold tightly to branches with their toes.


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  • Waterfowl

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    Ducks and geese migrate during the winter months and make Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge a main stop on their journey.


    Discover more about refuge waterfowl...

  • Shorebirds

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    Though the refuge is not a major shorebird stopover it does provide habitat for respectable numbers, consisting of over 30 species.


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  • Raptors

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    Raptors are birds of prey that are know for their predatory habits of feeding on other animals. Raptors possess several unique anatomical characteristics such as excellent sensory abilities and binocular visor that enable them to detect prey. Two examples are the Barred Owl, pictured to the left, and the Bald Eagle. Check out our photo gallery for more pictures of Eagles.