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High Pocosin

Habitat Type
The high pocosin community is associated with deep to intermediate depth organic soils, primarily in a transitional zone between low pocosin and the pond pine pocosin. The shrub layer is the dominant feature of this community. However, shrubs tend to be taller (ten to fifteen feet) than those in low pocosins and trees, mostly pond pine, may grow up to thirty to forty feet. Bitter gallberry and fetterbush dominate this shrub layer with Virginia chain-fern being the most abundant herbaceous plant. Other shrub species may include wax myrtle and groundsel tree, especially on edges and in areas of disturbance. Red bay and loblolly bay may be found, but are uncommon. High pocosin occupies 750 acres of the refuge’s 16,411 acres, mostly on deep organic soils on the eastern edge of the refuge.

Facts About High Pocosin

  • 10-15 ft tall shrubs dominant
  • Bitter gallberry
  • Fetterbush
Page Photo Credits by Bob Glennon
Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014
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