Hunting and Fishing


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 6,120 acre area of marsh is open to waterfowl hunting in accordance with applicable State and Federal regulations.  The hunt area includes Great Island and portions of marsh on both sides of Juniper Bay, as indicated on the hunting map and signage.  Waterfowl may be hunted only during the months of November, December, and January (early teal season hunting in September and waterfowl hunting in October are not allowed).  

No hunting is allowed in the open waters of the Refuge within the 27,000 acre Presidential Proclamation Boundary which is located in Pamlico Sound and adjacent to the refuge and the refuge hunt area (please see hunt map).  However, if hunters, or a portion of their boat, are located within the marshes of the public hunt area, they may set decoys within the waters adjacent to the marsh (and within the Proclamation Boundary) and shoot at and retrieve waterfowl from the adjacent waters.  The Proclamation Boundary is posted with large pilings and signs.  Three piles mark each corner and single pilings are located every one mile between the corner pilings along the entire boundary.  GPS coordinates indicating the location of the corner pilings are indicated on the hunting map.

Only temporary blinds that are removed daily are permitted.  Youth hunters under the age of 16 must have proof of passing a state approved Hunter Education Course to hunt on the refuge and must be supervised by a licensed hunter over the age of 21.  For reasons of hunter safety and courtesy, hunters shall not hunt closer than 150 yards to another hunting party.

Wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities are available at the Bell Island Pier and the open waters adjacent to the Refuge marshes and islands.

Fishing and hunting seasons as well as bag limits are in accordance with statewide regulations unless otherwise noted. The Entrance Road and Bell Island Pier are open for public use from sunrise to sunset – daylight use only