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Appropriate Use Determinations


Appropriate Use Determinations 

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge Appropriate Uses 


Summary of Appropriate Use Policy on National Wildlife Refuges: 


The refuge manager will decide if a new or existing use is an appropriate refuge use. If an existing use is not appropriate, the refuge manager will eliminate or modify the use as expeditiously as practicable. If a new use is not appropriate, the refuge manager will deny the use without determining compatibility. Uses that have been administratively determined to be appropriate are:  


A.  Six wildlife-dependent recreational uses. As defined by the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 (Improvement Act), the six wildlife-dependent recreational uses (hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and photography, and environmental education and interpretation) are determined to be appropriate. However, the refuge manager must still determine if these uses are compatible. 


B.  Take of fish and wildlife under State regulations. States have regulations concerning take of wildlife that includes hunting, fishing, and trapping. We consider take of wildlife under such regulations appropriate. However, the refuge manager must determine if the activity is compatible before allowing it on a refuge. 


Swan Lake Appropriate Use Determinations: 


Appropriate Uses


Gathering (nuts/berries/mushrooms)   


8th Grade Outdoors Day 

Bird Identification Workshops 

Dog Retrieval Demonstrations 

1st Fridays at the Refuge Events 

Guided Education Tours 

Hunter's Education Courses 

Research by 3rd Parties 

Trapping of Nuisance Wildlife 

Tree harvest by 3rd Parties 

Wetland Education Tours 


    Trapping Clinic 

   Friend's Group Fish Fry

   Friend's Group Silent Auction


Not Appropraite




Last Updated: Mar 05, 2014
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