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2014 Wildlife Art Contest Winners


Art work highlighting one or more wildlife species found in Florida (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates). Entries included a conservation message.

[Above image is Best Of Show: Lacie Blackburn]

Wyatt Diel  Grade K-2
1st Place
Wyatt Diel
Annika Kolar  Grade K-2
2nd Place
Annika Kolar
Cash Cyre& Grade K-2
3rd Place
Cash Cyre
Kaden Christiensen  Grade K-2
Honorable Mention
Kaden Christiensen
Taylor Pfiefer  Grade K-2
Honorable Mention
Taylor Pfiefer
Daniel Bravo  Grade 3-5
1st Place
Daniel Bravo
Colln Caccaro  Grade 3-5
2nd Place
Collin Caccaro
Saydia Locatelli  Grade 3-5
3rd Place
Kayla Marie Sanford 
Hannah Pichard  Grade 3-5
Honorable Mention
Hannah Pichard
Justin Kilpatrick  Grade 3-5
Honorable Mention
Justin Kilpatrick
Katia Toth  Grade 3-5
Honorable Mention
Katia Toth
Lacie Blackburn  Best of Show
Grade 6-8
1st Place
Lacie Blackburn
Hunter Duncan  Grade 6-8
2nd Place
Hunter Duncan
Saydia Locatelli  Grade 6-8
3rd Place
Saydia Locatelli
Andrea Figeroa  Grade 6-8
Honorable Mention
Andrea Figeroa
Jerod Devito  Grade 6-8
Honorable Mention
Jerod Devito
Emily Lawrence  Grade 9-12
1st Place
Emily Lawrence
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2014
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