GPS Adventure

GPS Adventure


St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge 

GPS Adventure Trail

Welcome to an exciting program at the refuge! The GPS Adventure Trail is a scavenger hunt for adults and children with adult supervision. 

GPS coordinates are provided to locate each station that you will need to complete the embosser page. Some of the destinations have waymarks, which are a turning point to get to the next coordinate or station.Your Smartphone can become a GPS if you do not have a GPS device. Bring up Google Maps Search Bar on your phone then type the full coordinate (example: N30 09.094 W084 08.800). You will want to do this while in an area with good internet service. A Smartphone may be twenty-five (25) to thirty (30) feet less accurate than a GPS device.  Remember to change the Walking or Driving settings as needed. 

There are six (6) Pathfinder stations that are easy-to-moderate difficulty level and four (4) Explorer stations that are moderate-to hard difficulty level. Complete all ten (10) Pathfinder and Explorer stations and earn both pins!

Since rules of the refuge do not allow bringing in or taking out items, we have provided stations with embosser seal.  The embosser will help you “collect” what is needed.  There is an information sign at each site that will provide the answer to the question for that station. Please bring two sharpened pencils.

If the embosser cannot be used, or is missing, use the code at the bottom of the sign as proof that you found that station.

Once you have completed your page(s) visit the St. Marks NWR Visitors Center to collect your pin(s).  We recognize that the GPS Adventure Trail may take time so there is an option of mailing your completed page(s) to St. Marks NWR, P.O. Box 68, St. Marks, Florida 32355.  We will mail your pin(s) to you. When sending by mail, please include your name and address on the embosser page.   

There is a refuge entrance fee of $5.00 per car, $5.00 per motorcycle and $1.00 per bicycle. All Federal passes are accepted. No additional fee is charged for the GPS Adventure Trail.

Refuge hours will vary depending on the season and some areas may be closed depending on the time of year (i.e. hunting). All refuge regulations are in effect while you are on refuge land. Trash containers are limited. Please do not litter. 

We strongly recommend that you wear appropriate clothing and insect repellent. Be sure to bring drinking water and snacks.  Always be aware of wildlife.

Please contact the refuge at (850) 925-6121 with any questions or suggestions. If you find that any of the stations have been damaged or vandalized, please let us know so we can correct the problem.

Have fun and enjoy your adventure!

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