Visitor Activities

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See! Touch! Hear! Experience the unique heritage and natural history of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Sewee Center showcases the valuable ecosystems of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge and the Francis Marion National Forest and provides educational opportunities and a pleasant experience for all ages.

  • Fishing

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    Fishing is allowed in the Nebo Ponds, found along the nature trail leading southeast from the main building and parking area. The Sewee Pond is open for fishing during scheduled events. 

    In the late spring, the Sewee Center hosts the annual youth fishing rodeo for children ages 6 - 16 at Sewee Pond. Prizes and fish art T-shirts highlight this event. Contact the center for information.

    For a great place to reconnect with a favorite childhood activity or to try it for the first time, make plans to fish at a national wildlife refuge soon.  Find more information with our on-line Guide to Fishing on National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Wildlife Viewing

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    The Sewee Center offers abundant wildlife viewing opportunities that include the butterfly garden, red wolf enclosure, Sewee pond, Nebo Trail, bee apiary and bluebird trail. 

    Many reptiles and birds inhabit the forest and ponds surrounding the center, including anoles, alligators, and several species of migratory songbirds.

    Attention Forest Visitors ! During DEER HUNTING SEASON ALL FOREST USERS ARE REQUIRED TO . . .

  • Interpretation

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    The Sewee Center’s exhibits and trails provide many interactive interpretation opportunities. In the center exhibit hall, visitors are guided through the forest to sea ecosystems which highlight species and management efforts of the beautiful surrounding landscape. Along the Nebo Trail, signage interprets the life-giving systems at work in the forest, common plants and animals and, raised replicas of small creatures to stimulate the tactile senses of small children. 

    Recurring events include the Cape Romain Lighthouse Tour (view the Lighthouse Brochure), children's discovery programs on Saturdays, and the annual Bulls Bay Nature Festival which occurs in mid-May. Guided wildflower walks and kayak trips are scheduled seasonally.

  • Environmental Education

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    In addition to the extensive exhibits and interpretive trail, the Sewee Center offers a wide variety of Environmental Education opportunities. Educational events occur year-round, both during the week and on Saturday mornings, and school groups and scouts are encouraged to schedule a visit. You can learn about upcoming week-end events on our monthly Calendar, or schedule a school visit.

    Environmental Education Program Offerings 

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  • Photography

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    The Sewee Center offers visitors a multitude of opportunities for photography. Adjacent to the center is a pond which boasts various species of fish and native reptiles. From the pond, visitors may stroll to the outdoor Butterfly Garden for a chance to photograph many colorful native moths and butterflies, or walk to the Red Wolf Enclosure where they are afforded photographic opportunities through glass viewing panels. The Nebo Trail offers even more chances to spot local wildlife, including many species of birds and reptiles.

  • Bulls Bay Nature Festival

    Bulls Bay Nature Festival

    Get outside! Bulls Bay community agencies, organizations, businesses, and schools come together each year to bring you the Bulls Bay Nature Festival - From the Forest to the Sea. There's something for everyone! Festival events happen throughout the day on Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, in Francis Marion National Forest, at Hampton Plantation State Historic Site, Charleston Zip Line Adventures, Nature Adventures Outfitters Outdoor Center and the Sewee Center. The Sewee Center is the hub for the festival, with numerous activities, live music, and food. 

    The Festival has a Facebook page -

     The 8th Annual Bulls Bay Nature Festival will be held May 15, 2021

    Visit the Bulls Bay Nature Festival site.