John Helstrom Addition

Driftwood and stones.

At times visitors get creative with driftwood and stones at the Whitefish Point Unit.  Just remember that you are visiting a National Wildlife Refuge and natural items such as drift wood and rocks need to be left on the property for all to enjoy.

The purchase of the John Helstrom Addition of the Whitefish Point Unit of Seney National Wildlife Refuge was made possible by the generous donations from the following:
  • Audubon Society of Kalamazoo
  • Chippewa Nature Center
  • John J. Helstrom Memorial Fund
  • Michigan Audubon Society
  • MPS Foundation
  • Seney Natural History Association
  • Whitefish Point Preservation Society
  • J.A. Woollam Foundation
  • Joanne N. Arbaugh
  • Carol and Maclyn Ball
  • Phyllis J. Barents
  • John E. Baumgartner
  • Greg Bodker
  • Lynne M. Carmondy
  • Monica A. Evans
  • Michael D. Fitzpatrick/Susan M. Fortuna
  • Susan S. Ford
  • Dr. Arthur and Judy Frock
  • Ilse Gebhard/Russ Shipper
  • Richard and Brenda Keith
  • Jeanie and Murray Kilgour
  • John and Beverly Kirby
  • Robert and Joyce Leppard
  • Myles F. McNally
  • Bridget Nordurft
  • Robert Pettit
  • Marc and Joan Snyder
  • Andrew R. Spencer
  • James and Carolyn Timmons
  • Mary M. Trout
  • William C. Verrette
  • Thomas R. Wheeker
  • Larue Wells
  • Gerald J. Ziarno