Outreach Programs


There are many stories to tell about the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, from tales of the refuge's history to lectures about ecosystems and the plants and animals that call them home. The staff is happy to share. To learn more about the golden blossoms of the goldenrod shown above request the Wildflower Trivia program. 

  • Outreach Programs

    Refuge staff members are available to come and speak to your group. Programs are available on a variety of topics concerning the refuge, plants and animals living in the area or other topics. To book a program contact the Visitor Services Staff.

  • Ducks to Diversity

    The Wigwams Public Use Area in 1945

    45 to 60 Minutes. Since its establishment in 1935 the Seney National Wildlife Refuge has gone through a lot of changes. Learn about this history of the refuge from its days as the Seney Migratory Waterfowl Refuge and the construction of its pools to the current management philosophy.

  • Wildflower Trivia


    60 Minutes. Are you a wildflower lover? Then you will enjoy this fun and interactive program where wild and outlandish wildflower facts will keep you guessing. How long does a bee’s tongue have to be to drink from a Dutchman’s breeches? Do you know the carnivorous flowers of the U.P.? You will after this program, plus a host of other interesting facts about wildflowers that will open your eyes to a whole new world.