Wolf Trunk

Gray Wolf

Wolves can be seen in many different habitats, keep your eyes peeled during your visit to the refuge.  Watch for wolves or signs they have been in the area - tracks or scat.

The Wolf Trunk is packed with information and activities. This trunk has been an ongoing collection of information and suggested activities for years and we hope to keep adding to it. Educate your students about wolves by using five major topics.

Trunk Objectives


  • Compare a wolf to a coyote
  • Wolf biology
  • Wolf skin and skulls
  • Wolf communication
  • Wolf postures and behaviors
  • Wolf Education Guide

Wolf Education Guide

  • It's a Wolf's Life
  • Of Wolves and Biopolitics
  • School Time
  • Stalking Wolves Activity
  • Wolf Pre-Post Test
  • Wolf Recovery in Michigan
  • Newspaper and Magazine Articles
  • Battles with Wolves
  • How Will the Wolf Survive
  • The Big Not So Bad Wolves of Yellowstone
  • Timber Wolf Alliance
  • Waiting for Wolves to Howl in Yellowstone
  • Social Structure of Wolves
  • Game: Wolves and Territories
  • Pack it Up
  • Sniff Out Your Pack
  • Social Organization of the Wolf Pack
  • Wolf Territories
  • Tracking Wolves
  • Background on Radio Tracking
  • Keeping Track of Wolves
  • Making Plaster Casts of Tracks
  • Mapping and Territories Activities
  • Studying Wolves Studying Animals
  • Tracking Using Scats
  • Tracking Wolves From Animal Signs
  • Wolf Communication
  • Body Postures
  • Vocalization
  • Facial Expressions
  • Find Your Own Pack
  • How Do Wolves Say Hello
  • Sense of Smell
  • What Did you Say
  • What's in a Face
  • Wolf Behavior
  • Wolf Body Postures
  • Wolf General Information
  • Are Wolves Dangerous to Humans
  • How Can I Help The Wolf
  • Living With Wolves
  • The Evolution of the Wolf
  • Wolf Facts
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Activity
  • Draw a Wolf
  • Make Your Own timber Wolf
  • Origami Wolf Pack
  • Poetry Writing
  • Speaking of Wolves
  • The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
  • The Wolf in your Mind
  • Wolf Lore
  • Wolves in Art
  • Wolf Physical Traits
  • Calling of Canids
  • Key to Canids
  • Pet Observation Activity
  • Physical Traits of Wolf Hair
  • Skulls Skeleton and Teeth
  • The Nose Knows

Included in the trunk

  • Wolf
  • Red Fox
  • Coyote
Wolf Trunk Furs

  • Coyote
  • Wolf
Tracks and Scat
  • Wolf Replitrack
  • Coyote Replitrack
  • Wolf Repliscat
  • Coyote Repliscat
  • Wolf Plaster Tracks
  • Sniff Out Your Pack
  • The Food Web Game
  • Call of the Wolf with CD 
  • The Way of the Wolf 
  • Looking at the Wolf 
  • Zoo Book: Wolves 
  • Wolves Action Pack 
  • The Life Cycle of a Wolf 
  • Wolves Face-to-face 
  • The Eyes of the Gray Wolf 
  • Welcome to the World of Wolves 
  • Wolves for Kids 
  • Seney NWR - Its Story 
  • Discovering Wolves 
  • Once a Wolf 
  • Wolf
  • Coyote
  • Red Fox
  • Wolf Week
  • Pictures
  • Food Web Pictures
  • Red Fox
  • Wolf Education Guide 
  • Tape
  • Wolf Talk 
  • Tracks