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Loon Trunk

Common Loon take offCommon loons are heavy birds. Their weight helps them dive with little effort. However, there is a drawback to being heavy. They need a runway to take off.

The Loon Trunk is action packed with hands-on activities. There are several methods of teaching students about loons and we are attempting to incorporate as many methods as possible. Please enjoy investigating the activates that are applicable for the grade level you desire to educate.

Trunk Objectives

Educate students about loons by using ten major topics:
  • Nesting and Breeding
  • Raising Young
  • Gender
  • Food habits
  • Migration Habitat
  • Loon vs. Goose
  • Purpose of Eye Color
  • Loon Protection
  • Loon Body Parts
  • Species

Loon Binder

  • Loon Pre-test
  • Loon Post-test
  • Loon Pre/Post –Test Answer Key
  • Loon Facts – General Background
  • Loon Adaptations
  • “One in a Thousand” Game
  • Become a “Loon Ranger”
  • Loon Ranger Pledge
  • Food Web Chain
  • Loon Song
  • Loon Station Activity
  • Common Loon Behaviors
  • Loons and Life
  • Video Presentation
  • Loons as Inspiration
  • Loon Biology
  • Loons and People
  • Loons and Lakes
  • Loons on the Map
  • Loons and Communicators
  • The Loon in Winter
  • Loons and Legends
  • Loons and Laws
  • Loons as Art
  • References
  • Station Photographs
  • Build a Loon Craft Project
  • Loon “Fun Sheets”
  • Loons in the Mist” Article
  • Get the Lead Out

Included in the trunk

  • Two White Sweatshirts
  • Black Cape
  • Bill
  • Black Hood
  • Two Flippers
  • Red Goggles
  • Goose Skull
  • Loon Bone
  • Loon Foot
  • Goose Bone
  • Loon Mount
  • Loon with Chick on its Back
  • Up Close Loon
  • Loon Legends 
  • Loon Magic 
  • The Late Loon 
  • Seney NWR - Its Story 
  • The Loon 
  • Four - Loon Magic for Kids 
  • Love of Loons 
  • Two - The Common Loons 
  • The Call of the Loon 
  • Loons: Diving Birds of the North 
  • Wild Voices, Quiet Waters 
  • Loons 
  • Loons as Inspiration 
  • Voices of the Loon 
  • Dan Gibson's Solitudes 
  • Jazz Loon 
  • Fascinating Loons CD 
  • Loon Game
Page Photo Credits — Common Loon Take Off - © Teresa McGill
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2014
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