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Interns and Volunteers at Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Many students who have interned at Seney National Wildlife Refuge go on to have promising careers with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, a Department of Natural Resources, State Parks or other natural resource oriented organizations.

  • Visitor Services Internships

    Visitor Services Intern talking with Public

    The refuge offers numerous recreational opportunities including driving tours, roads open to hiking and biking opportunities, paddling opportunities, bird watching, nature observation, hunting, fishing and photography. The goal of the Visitor Services Staff is to inspire guests to care about natural areas ensuring their protection for years to come. Interns provide tours, create interpretive materials, operate the Visitor Center and much more.

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  • Volunteers

    Volunteer Patch

    Seney National Wildlife Refuge annually relies on the annual contributions of over 60 volunteers. Many volunteers staff the Visitor Center Information Desk and help visitors plan their day. They also staff activity booths during special events, lead school and nature programs, conduct wildlife surveys, assist with maintenance projects and a variety of other tasks. Volunteers make a huge difference at Seney National Wildlife Refuge!

    Volunteers normally serve on a regular basis, such as one weekly four-hour shift at the Visitor Center and typically commute from the local area and nearby towns. We also welcome occasional volunteers for special projects. 

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  • Residential Volunteers

    Building the recycling facility.

    Each year the refuge invites one to three individuals to participate in the residential volunteer program. Residential volunteers wear many hats while working at the refuge. They assist with the refuge's recycling program, work shifts at the Visitor Center Front Desk, assist with maintenance or data entry or one of the other duties as outlined in the volunteer position descriptions. They are expected to work 20 to 40 hours each week in exchange for a place to park their trailer. Interested Residential Volunteer applicants need to be relatively self-sufficient and able to take care of their own facility maintenance.

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  • Youth Conservation Corps

    Youth Conservation Corps Bridge Work

    The Youth Conservation Corps is a well-balanced work-learn-earn program that develops an understanding and appreciation in participating youth of the Nation’s environment and heritage. Youth Conservation Corps offers gainful summer employment to youth in a healthful outdoor atmosphere.

    You must be a hard worker between the ages of 15 to 18 to qualify for this program. This eight week program pays minimum wage and will start in early June and run through early August. Two young men and two young women will be selected for these positions by a random drawing which will be held in late April.

    Participants will do hard physical work and may be exposed to insects, poison oak and ivy, adverse weather, and difficult working conditions. Some jobs may not be fun or may be a bit monotonous, but in the end most past participants have noted that overall they enjoyed the experience and are glad they had the opportunity.

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  • Permanent or Temporary Staff Positions

    Visiting the Island Refuges

    All permanent or temporary staff positions are posted on as they come available.

    Each year, the refuge normally hires one to two seasonal fire techs.  A regional job announcement for fire techs throughout the upper Midwest usually comes out each year in mid-October to November on