Calendar of Events

Wildlife Wednesday Bus Tour

Tours for the 2020 season have likely been altered. Please see individual tour, program, or special event for more details.

  • Cast Your Vote for the Photo Contest

    Gray Wolf by Charlie Rumschlag Small

    September 10 to October 31

    Seney National Wildlife Refuge hosts an annual Photo Contest. Due to the pandemic we have had to get a little creative with our voting this year. This year entries will be judged not only by the general public, but also a jury of judges consisting of local artists and refuge staff. Entries must be submitted via email by August 31. From September 10 to October 31 the public can vote for their favorites online.

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  • Additional Pools Open to Fishing

    Fishing in the Fog, courtesy of Karen Kanine small

    September 7 to 30, 2020

    Looking to catch that big fish? Why not try a pool normally closed to fishing? On Monday, September 7, 2020 (Labor Day) additional pools will open for fishing! If you love to fish don't miss out on the chance to fish E, C, D, and portions of B Pool that are only open to fishing from Labor Day through September 30 annually. Fishing is allowed during daylight hours only.

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  • Cancelled - Morning Bus Tours

    Wildlife Wednesday

    Cancelled - Mondays and Fridays from July 6 to August 31, 2020
    Cancelled - Fridays on September 11, 25, and October 9
    10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Would you like to get more out of your trip to Seney National Wildlife Refuge? Some wildlife can be difficult to see, but trained staff and volunteers know where to look or listen. Join us tour mornings at 10:00 a.m. to experience a guided tour of the refuge. The tour will take about 2 ½ hours depending on the topic of the tour. We will be on the lookout for a variety of wildlife while sharing information on the plants and animals we see, the history of the refuge, and current management practices.

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  • Last Day the Fishing Loop is Open


    September 30 - Last Day the Fishing Loop is Open

    September 30 annually is the last day the Fishing Loop is open. Starting October 1 the Fishing Loop will be closed to all traffic, including foot and bike traffic. This is to provide a place for migrating birds to rest undisturbed. Birds that live on the refuge throughout the summer months are often times become accustomed to people and cars. Birds that stop at the refuge during migration are easily disturbed. These birds need their energy to complete their long flight. This is the reason for the closure of the Fishing Loop at an earlier date than the Marshland Wildlife Drive.

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  • Fishing Closes on Refuge Pools

    Fishing at Seney National Wildlife Refuge by Jan Barrett

    September 30, Last Day to Fish the Pools

    Fishing on the refuge pools closes September 30. Fishing is permitted on all stretches of the following rivers and streams during regular state seasons: Walsh Creek and Ditch, Creighton, Driggs, and Manistique Rivers. The refuge is open from dawn until dusk.

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  • Cancelled - Youth in the Outdoors

    Archery Class at Youth in the Outdoors by Jan Barrett

    Cancelled - October 10, 2020

    Youth in the Outdoors will be held Saturday, October 10, 2020 so save the date! There will be several different activities to choose from, which include short sessions and long sessions. If you have kids, grandkids, friends with kids, or are a kid and you want to participate fill out and send in the registration material.

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  • National Wildlife Refuge Week

    Sandhill Crane Calling by Teresa McGill.

    October 11-17, 2020

    Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week October 11-17, 2020. Visit your National Wildlife Refuge and see what it has to offer. The visitor center is open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Marshland Wildlife Drive is open from dawn to dusk.

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  • Last Day the Marshland Wildlife Drive and Visitor Center are Open

    Loons at sunset by Teresa McGill

    October 20 Annually

    October 20 is the last Day the Marshland Wildlife Drive and visitor center are open. Beginning on October 21 the visitor center and Marshland Wildlife Drive will be closed for the winter. Just because the visitor center and Marshland Wildlife Drive are closed doesn't mean you can't visit the refuge. There are a number of fun activities you can participate in over the winter at the refuge.

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  • Backcountry Roads and Camping for Hunters Open

    Hunt Camp by Matt Dumond

    November 13 to the End of Muzzleloading Season as Snow Allows

    From November 13 through at least November 30 the Driggs River Road, Pine Creek Road, Robinson Road, and other unnamed backcountry roads will be open for the Firearms Deer Hunting Season. We will keep the backcountry roads open as snow conditions allow through muzzleloading season. Hunters are allowed to camp from November 13 to December 1 with a free camping permit available at the Headquarter.

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  • Ice Fishing Season

    Ice Fishing

    January 1 to February 28

    Ice fishing is permitted on all refuge pools from January 1 to February 28 annually. Access to pools is limited to foot traffic only. Ice shanties may not be left overnight.

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  • Sharp-tailed Grouse Blind Observations

    Sharp-tailed Grouse - Teresa McGill

    April 1 to May 14 Annually

    Reserve your place for a chance to see the sharp-tailed grouse from our viewing blind. It will require early rising, a walk in, and possibly cold toes but the sight and sound of sharp-tailed grouse dancing on a lek (dancing/breeding ground) is one of nature's true spectacles. Males stomp their feet as fast as they can, causing their tails to rattle. At the same time they inflate purple neck sacks, called gular, which produce a unique sound. Meanwhile the females sit back and watch carefully to select their mate. The romance is fleeting, and the hen will be left to raise the young on her own. Couple this show with the early morning light of dawn and you have the backdrop for a wonderful and unforgettable morning.

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  • Volunteer Recruitment and Orientation

    Bill MacLachlan and Bill Hart

    May 12, 2021
    9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

    Are you looking for something to do with your free time? Do you enjoy volunteering? Do you like to learn about wildlife and meeting new people? Attend the volunteer orientation on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 and find out if volunteering at Seney National Wildlife Refuge is a good fit for you and become a part of something fun!

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  • Volunteer Bus Tour

    Volunteer Bus Trip to Whitefish Point - Anthony Brown

    May 13, 2021
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

    Have you ever wondered what is behind the refuge gates? Do you have questions about the refuge? The Volunteer Bus Tour is a continuation of the Volunteer Orientation held May 12, 2021. Staff take current and potential volunteers on a tour behind the locked refuge gates to answer questions and share their knowledge about the refuge.

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  • Marshland Wildlife Drive and Fishing Loop Open - Visitor Center Opening Delayed

    Banded Common Loon taking Flight by Dave Alsobrooks.

    May 15 Annually

    On May 15 the Marshland Wildlife Drive and Fishing Loop opened for the season. The visitor center's opening has been delayed for the 2020 season. For more information on the delayed opening please see our press release.


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  • Pools Open to Fishing


    May 15 Annually

    Come catch the action! Fishing is allowed at Show Pools, C-3, F, G, H, I, and J Pools as well as the portions of D and E Pools adjacent to the Fishing Loop. Fishing is open from May 15 to September 30 annually. 

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  • Twilight Tour

    Virginia Rail with a Dragonfly in its mouth by Teresa McGill.

    Fridays, May 28 & June 4, 2021
    9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

    Join us for our annual Twilight Tours. Use your ears, not just your eyes, on these special nighttime tours of Seney National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is closed from dusk to dawn so this tour is a rare opportunity to experience the refuge in the twilight and early evening hours when many animals are active. We will be searching for secretive marsh birds like the yellow rail, Virginia rail, and sora. This is also an excellent chance to hear spring peepers, gray treefrogs, green frogs, and American toads. During this tour it is unlikely that we will see these animals but chances are very good we will hear some of their calls.

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  • Wildlife Wednesday Tour

    Wildlife Wednesday

    Wednesday Nights
    June, July and August

    7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

    Tourists and locals alike love this tour! Join us Wednesday evenings in July and August for an evening guided auto tour of portions of the refuge's Marshland Wildlife Drive and backcountry roads. We’ll be on the lookout for a variety of wildlife while sharing refuge history and management practices. Sign in starts at 6:30 p.m.

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  • Children's Fishing Day

    Children's Fishing Day by Brad Von Blon

    June 19, 2021

    Catch the excitement and join us for Children's Fishing Day! Celebrating 32 years of connecting kids and their families with the joy of fishing. The Seney National Wildlife Refuge, in cooperation with the Seney Natural History Association, invites you to participate. We kick off the morning with fishing! Sign in at the visitor center then try your hand fishing one of our open pools or streams. Volunteers are available to measure your catch for our big fish contest. If you don't have gear or fishing experience don't worry. We have gear and bait you can use and the expertise to help you learn to fish. Had your fill of fishing? Head to the visitor center where we will have crafts, games, and activities followed by a fish dinner, award ceremony, and prizes.

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  • Photo Tours

    Photographer Barbara Hysell

    May 15 to October 20, 2021

    Do you have a small group of photographers (2 to 14) interested in going into the backcountry for a few hours? We may be able to accommodate you, with sufficient notice (a minimum of 3 days), depending on our schedule. Hours of availability are from 8:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., May 15 to October 20, 2021. Tours take approximately 3 hours. Contact us at 906-586-9851 x 15 or to check on availability and make arrangements.

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  • Painting Seney

    Painting Seney, Courtesy of Laura Gasaway

    Searching for a Leader

    We are currently searching for a volunteer who would like to lead these sessions. Contact if you are interested.

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  • Junior Duck Stamp Art Exhibit

    Nicole Jeon, a 16 year-old from New York, took top honors in the 2019 National Junior Duck Stamp Contest with her acrylic painting of a harlequin duck.

    2021 Dates To Be Announced 

    Community members and visitors alike should mark their calendars for this exhibition of original artwork by kids from across the country. The first-place winners from each state and US territory will be on display in the visitor center from August 8 to September 5, 2020.

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  • Photo Contest

    Trumpeter swans fighting by Helen Denoyer

    Entries must be Postmarked by August 31

    Did you get some great photos while enjoying the refuge? Enter them in the Seney National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest! Due to the pandemic this year the event will be entirely online. Photos will be posted from September 10 to October 31 for voting online on the Seney National Wildlife Refuge's Facebook page and Seney Natural History Association's Flickr page, where visitors can vote for their favorites. When on display for voting, the entries depict an incredible array of refuge experiences. Photos must be received via email by August 31.

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