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Pixi Cups

Pixie Cups are part of a taxonomic group (taxon) called lichens. Lichens are actually a complex of two different organisms in a mutualistic relationship, where each organism benefits. A fungus provides the "housing structure," while algae provide food through photosynthesis.

  • Refuge Contact Information

    Seney National Wildlife Refuge 
    1674 Refuge Entrance Rd.
    Seney, MI 49883
    (906)586-9851 voice
    (906)586-3800 fax

    Visitor Center Hours:
    May 15 to October 20
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    7 days a week including federal holidays

    Office Hours:
    8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Monday - Friday
    Closed Federal Holidays

    Refuge Hours:
    The refuge is open daily from dawn until dusk for all approved outdoor activities.

    People with hearing impairments can reach Seney through the Federal Information Relay System at 1-800-877-8339.

    Navigating by GPS? Enter Coordinates:
    N 46˚17.298'
    W 085˚56.678' 

    Google Maps currently points people to the center of the refuge.  Instead of typing in Seney National Wildlife Refuge, use the Pine Ridge Nature Trail to navigate to the proper location.

  • Refuge Manager

    Sara Siekierski 
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 11

  • Deputy Refuge Manager

    Greg McClellan
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 13

  • Wildlife Biologist

    Dr. Greg Corace
    Curriculum Vitae
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 14

  • Visitor Services Manager

    Sara Giles 
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 10 
    Volunteer Coordinator December through March

  • Visitor Services Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator

    Jennifer Wycoff
    (Seasonal - April through Mid-December)
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 16

  • Fire Management Officer

    (906) 586-9851 ext. 19  

  • Fire Technician

    Spencer Townsend
    (Seasonal Employee)
    (906) 586-9851 x19  

  • Administrative Technician

    Laural Tansy
    (906) 586-9851 x17

  • Maintenance Worker

    Richard Wilson 
    (906) 586-3411

  • Maintenance Worker

    Matt Canfield
    (906) 586-3411 

  • Maintenance Worker

    Don Gardner 
    Intermittent employee
    (906) 586-3411 

  • Maintenance Worker and Air Quality Monitoring

    Jim Patton
    Intermittent employee
    (906) 586-3411 

  • Visitor Services Staff, Volunteers, SNHA Friends, and Visitor Center

    (Open May 15-Oct 20, 9am-5pm) 
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 15 

    To learn more about the Seney Natural History Association visit their website

  • Marshland Bookstore

    Marshland Bookstore
    Manager: Kris Nance
    Open May 15-Oct 20
    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    7 days per week including holidays
    (906) 586-9851 ext. 15  

    Fan the Marshland Bookstore on Facebook to stay up to date with new items and sales.