New Bayside Birding & Walking Trail Provides Enhanced Access to San Diego Bay NWR

BBWT deck 2016 (L. Cox/USFWS)

Through a generous grant from the California State Coastal Conservancy, a new pedestrian trail for birding and wildlife viewing has been constructed on the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Through a $510,000 grant from the California Coastal Conservancy, neighbors, birdwatchers, and wildlife enthusiasts have a new walking trail to enjoy the beautiful views of the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. 

BBWT map

At about 0.4 miles in length and four feet wide, the trail runs parallel with the Bayshore Bikeway from 10th Street to 7th Street in Imperial Beach, California. It has six interpretive panels to enhance visitors’ experience on the trail with information related to migratory birds, salt marsh restoration, and history of South Bay Salt Works. With assistance from volunteers, Refuge staff have already installed over 1,000 salt marsh plants between the new trail and San Diego Bay. Thank you volunteers!

Birding trail volunteers May 2016 (L. Cox/USFWS)


This new trail runs parallel to the Bayshore Bikeway, but provides a safe walking path without needing to worry about oncoming bicycle traffic. Now, people of all fitness levels and paces can soak up the views of South San Diego Bay, witnessing the wildlife marvel of thousands of migratory birds that rest, breed, and feed here.

The Bayside Birding and Walking Trail complements the significant investment by the California Coastal Conservancy in south San Diego Bay, including the restoration of the western salt ponds, acquisition of the Otay River floodplain, and other projects that have improved wildlife habitat and public access. The trail will benefit local neighborhoods and schools and support ecotourism within the City of Imperial Beach, by providing incredible views of wildlife on the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge.