Discover Nature App

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The Discover Nature App is FREE and available for download in either English or Spanish for the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge module. First, download the Discover Nature App in the app store. Then, when you get near the refuge, open the app and download the game for either Sweetwater Marsh or San Diego Bay (there are two separate games). Here's what they look like and how to get to each site:

  • First Steps:

    Go to the iTunes store for iPhones or Google Play store for Android phones and download the "Discover Nature App." You may want to do this ahead of time when you have a wifi signal, to avoid using your data.

    After downloading, when you open the App it will ask to allow it to know your location - tap yes. For notifications, that's optional.
    Login: Either set up an account with DNA apps, sign in with Facebook (so you can post your scores and pictures), or, continue as guest (which will not save your scores or post on Facebook).
    You may get a notification for the refuge when you get near it, so click "Download" when it does. This may take a minute. Tap "ok" to being the game!
    Note: your location services must be turned on while using the app, or it won't work. You can change this in your settings. You can also submit your own wildlife sightings in the app!
    The game's time starts when you get to the first question. The faster you answer the question, and the least hints you ask for, the more points you win. GAME ON!

  • Discover Sweetwater Marsh


    Travel to 1000 Gunpowder Point Drive where the [free] Living Coast Discovery Center bus will shuttle you into the refuge. As you are driving into the refuge, you can start playing the game! Just wait for the first question to pop up.
    You can play the game throughout the trails on the refuge for free! If you'd like to play the rest of the game inside the Living Coast Discovery Center, you will have to pay an entrance fee unless you already have a membership.

    Visit us -- the US Fish & Wildlife Service -- inside our Administrative Headquarters building when you are all done, and get a prize!

  • Discover South Bay


    Play this game at two different locations along the refuge. You can start by parking in the gravel lot next to the City of Imperial Beach public works department at 495 10th Street. Make sure you have downloaded the South Bay module when you park! Walk across the bike path and along the new birding trail and deck. Wait for the questions to start popping up as you walk.