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Enjoy fishing in Salt Fork River and Sand Creek / Jenny and Oliver Davis ©Fishing is limited to the Great Salt Plains Lake, Salt Fork River, and Sand Creek.

Great Salt Plains Lake is well known for excellent channel catfishing. The state regularly stocks the lake with channel catfish, hybrid striped bass, and saugeye (walleye/sauger hybrid), with the majority of saugeye and bass caught near the dam, the deepest part of the lake.

The Bonham fishing pond is for youth and persons with disabilities and is a “catch-and-release” pond. Drift fishing and trotlines are not permitted on the refuge.


  • From April 1 to October 15, these additional areas of the refuge are open to fishing:   
  • Great Salt Plains Lake: The Lake is open to fishing except for closed area marked with buoys and/or signs 
  • Bonham Pond: Is opened to children 14 and under and to mobility impaired individuals. 

State Hwy 11 Fishing:

  • Fishing is allowed in all waterways north of State Hwy 11 to the refuge boundary.  
  • Fishing is allowed within north and south sides of Hwy 11 right of way. 
  • Fishing is allowed south of hwy 11 right of way: East channel of the Salt Fork River on the East bank for the distance of 1 mile 

Seasonal Closure
From October 16 to March 31, only the State Park area east of the buoy line from State Highway 38 is open for fishing. The remainder of the refuge lake is closed for the benefit of migrating waterfowl.

Closed All Year
Closed areas of the Lake are Ralston Island and the north and east shorelines. In addition the area west of Ralston Island will be closed to all fishing.

Helpful Information:
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation 


Page Photo Credits — Fishing at Salt Fork River and Sand Creek / Jenny and Oliver Davis ©
Last Updated: Sep 28, 2013
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