Wildlife Viewing and Photography


Scenic Overlooks

In cooperation with the Creole Nature Trail All American Road, the refuge built a roadside 'scenic overlook' beside State Highway 27. This area allows visitors on the refuge to stop and observe coastal marsh habitat and the wildlife inhabiting it without having to leave their vehicle.


There are two wildlife observation trails on the refuge, one in a freshwater impoundment and another in coastal brackish/saline marsh.

The Wetland Walkway, a one and one-half mile trail and boardwalk located approximately four miles south of the refuge office with parking and facilities near State Highway 27, provides opportunities for wildlife observation and photography. There is a boardwalk over the impounded freshwater marsh of Unit 1B and wildlife can frequently be seen crossing the trail. The trail also features a raised observation tower that allow for spectacular views especially at sundown when the western sky frames acres of grassy marsh. Visitors can see wading birds, waterfowl, alligator, rabbits, armadillos, muskrat, nutria, nesting birds, butterflies, and migrant songbirds during various times of the year from the trail. The trail is open year-round from dawn until dusk.

The Blue Goose Trail is located along State Highway 27 just north of the refuge office and features parking and a wildlife observation platform. Wading birds, shorebirds, waterfowl, diamond backed terrapins, and many other brackish/saline marsh and shoreline species may be seen along the trail. The trail is open year-round from dawn until dusk.