Fishing, Crabbing & Castnetting


Fishing and crabbing are permitted in designated Recreation areas along Highway 27 year round. The Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex Fishing Regulations brochure is a great tool to have when planning your fishing trip.

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The Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex including Cameron Prairie, Sabine, and Lacassine National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) will open for public sport fishing Monday, March 15, 2021 through October 15, 2021. Boat admittance into the refuges is permitted from one hour before legal sunrise to one hour after legal sunset. Fishing and crabbing are permitted from legal sunrise to legal sunset. Only boats with motors of 40 horsepower or less may be used in Lacassine Pool and Sabine’s Unit 3 Impoundment. Use of surface drive motors and push poles are encouraged.

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Information Bulletin

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Contact: Diane Borden-Billiot 337-563-3491

All recreational anglers must possess a valid basic Louisiana fishing license; additionally all recreational anglers fishing south of the state designated 'saltwater line' for saltwater species must have in their possession a Louisiana saltwater angler's license in addition to their basic Louisiana fishing license.

Fishing is permitted with rod and reel or pole and line, as well as jug fishing in designated areas on Sabine National Wildlife Refuge.

Anglers seeking freshwater fishing opportunities should try the fresher interior waters of Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. Those anglers seeking saltwater fish should utilize Sabine's roadside recreation area wharfs and tidal marshes through the refuge.


No license is required to recreationally crab with a crab net and/or hand line.

Cast Netting

Each person is required to have a valid basic fishing license as well as a saltwater license to cast net for shrimp due to Sabine being south of the state designated saltwater line. Cast nets must be less than 8.5 feet in radius. Recreational cast netting for shrimp is only permitted via boat during Louisiana inshore water shrimp season.

Possession Limits

Daily fish limits are the same as Louisiana's Sport Fishing Limits. The daily crab limit is five dozen (60) per day per vehicle or boat. The daily shrimp limit during the Louisiana inshore shrimp season is five gallons of heads-on shrimp per day, per vehicle or boat. The daily bait shrimp limit is one gallon per day per boat.

Universal Access

Several universally accessible fishing docks are available at Sabine NWR. For further assistance contact our Refuge Complex office at 337-598-2216.