• General Brochure

    2018 General Brochure 150 W

    The Refuge General Brochure will give you an overall look at the refuge.

  • Wetland Walkway Guide


    The Wetland Walkway Guide will teach you all about the different plants and animals you may encounter on Sabine's Wetland Walkway trail located four miles south of the refuge headquarters.

  • Southwest Louisiana Bird List


    Whether you are an experienced birder or just beginning, the Southwest Louisiana Bird List will help you know what to keep an eye out for as you explore the refuges.

  • Southwest Louisiana Hunting Permit


    The Southwest Louisiana Hunting Permit is required before you are allowed to do any hunting on the refuge. It is important to have this form signed and on your person whenever you are doing any hunting on the refuge, all the information needed to legally and safely enjoy the hunting experiences on the refuges is in this form.

    Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex Hunting Regulations brochure
    Hunting Regulations brochure - part 1
    Hunting Regulations brochure - part 2

  • Southwest Louisiana Fishing Regulations


    The Southwest Louisiana Fishing Regulations brochure has information such as appropriate fishing areas, method of fishing, and catch limits. It also includes maps of all the refuges in southwest Louisiana as well as the fishing dates. Please note that a Louisiana state fishing license is required before fishing on the refuges.