Cypress Gum Swamp - (Brownwater Subtype)

Habitat: Cypress Gum Swamp - bownwater
The Cypress-Gum Swamps occur in the river's upper middle to middle section at the Broadneck, Company, and Conine/Askew tracts and at the river’s mouth on Goodman Island. They are areas of low elevation (backswamps landward of the natural levees, sloughs, and lower areas of the ridge and swale system) where the seasonal floodwaters may become trapped for long periods. In some areas the water table annually remains at or near the surface. Bald cypress and tupelo gum dominate this type, which has a shrub layer of Carolina water ash and very little ground cover. Logging has removed most of the mature cypress. In the logged areas, tupelo gum is the dominant tree species.

Facts About Cypress Gum Swamp - (Brownwater Subtype)

Typical Species:

  • Bald cypress 
  • Tupelo gum
  • Carolina water ash