Cypress-Gum Swamps (Blackwater Subtype).

Habitat: Cypress Gum Swamp
The Cypress-Gum Flats and swamp pocosin forests occur below Jamesville on the Refuge’s Hampton Swamp and Great Island Tracts. There is no distinguishable river levee feature found on these tracts. Two prominent blackwater creeks fork into Great Island from the Cashie River. The dominant tree is water tupelo; however, cypress and red maple are also prevalent. Water ash, sweet bay, black alder, and tag alder provide the understory. 


Facts About Cypress-Gum Swamps (Blackwater Subtype).

Typical Plants: 
  •  Water tupelo
  •  Cypress
  •  Red maple 
  •  Water ash
  •  Sweet bay
  •  Black alde
  •  Tag alder