Coastal Plain Bottomland Hardwood Forest (Brownwater Subtype)

Habitat: Bottomland Hardwood Forest (Brownwater Subtype)

Coastal Plain Bottomland Hardwood Forest (Brownwater Subtype).

The Coastal Plain Bottomland Hardwood forest occurs on alluvial flats, low ridges, and high ridges located in the river’s upper middle section as far down as Conine Island. Bottomland hardwoods occur on slightly higher ridges or in second bottoms formed by the migrating river channel. They usually occur on parallel ridges interspersed with fingers of cypress-gum sloughs or filled-in ancient river channels. A variety of oaks including cherrybark, swamp chestnut, laurel, and willow dominate these communities. Other hardwoods present include bitternut hickory, green ash, and sweetgum. The understory consists of ironwood and American and deciduous holly. The ground cover is sparse to dense and includes grasses, sedges, giant river cane, and false stinging nettle.

Facts About Coastal Plain Bottomland Hardwood Forest (Brownwater Subtype)

Typical Species:

Cherrybark oak
Swamp chestnut oak
Laurel oak
Willow oak
Bitternut hickory
Green ash
American holly
Deciduous holly
Giant river cane
False stinging nettle