History of Timber Point

History of Timber Point

The Timber Point property has a rich history with the Ewing’s Family. The history is captured in the timeline below.

1600’s – The property was owned by the Curtis family and the land was farmed

1912 – The Curtis family sold Curtis Point, later called Timber Point, to Charles and Lucie Wicks

1929 – The Wicks sold the property to Louise Parsons Ewing and her husband, Charles Ewing

1931 – The main house, sea wall, garage, and laundry building were constructed

1932 – Tennis court installed

1934 – Wood shop added to the garage

1935 – Greenhouse and potting shed were built

1936 – Paint shed and bath house constructed

1937 – Boat house, saltwater pool, pump house, and changing house built

1938 – Life boat moved to property, Shaker barn moved to property and re-assembled

1947 – Truck garage and hose shed constructed

1954 – Charles Ewing dies, leaving Timber Point to two sons

1954 – 2011 – Property was used as a seasonal residence by the Ewing family

2011 – Pending the sale of the property, the Shaker barn was moved and re-assembled near the antebellum house at the front of the property, the greenhouse was dismantled

December 2011 – Timber Point was acquired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as part of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge