Red Wolf Center - Meet the World's Most Endangered Wolf

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The Red Wolf Education and Health Care Facility 

 The Red Wolf Center is currently not open due to the pandemic. 

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Exhibits area

The Red Wolf Center is located in Columbia, NC on Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.   In addition to providing space to conduct regular health checks on the wolves, the center has a small reception area for the public AND an established viewing area for a pair of captive red wolves.

Red wolves are the most endangered wolf in North America.   Currently, there are fewer than 50 red wolves in the wild and approximately 200 in captive programs across the country.

We have BIG PLANS for this summer!  Plan to stop by the Center to see these incredible animals and learn about their history.Public Observation Pen


The Red Wolf Center, located one mile south of Columbia, NC on NC Highway 94, was constructed in 2007.  The fence enclosures behind the Center, were constructed in 2012 using funds secured by the Service's partner - the Red Wolf Coalition.  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held that year with guest-of-honor, Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.  While a much larger center was envisioned and discussed for years prior to 2007, adequate funding proved to be elusive and the current center was considered to be a good first step. 

The building is divided into two sections.  The health care side is equipped to help Service biologists to safely handle wolves needing  medical treatment.  The education side houses exhibits and educational material about red wolves.  The fence enclosures behind the building are used to temporarily hold wolves receiving health checks or care and to permanently house a pair of exhibit wolves.  Seating has been installed just outside the exhibit enclosure.  All of the fence enclosures are surrounded by another, perimeter fence to ensure the safety of the captive animals and help prevent animals from escaping.

Exhibit wolves cannot be released in to the wild due to injury or other reason.  Red wolves normally shy away from people, and sometimes the exhibit wolves like to hide in the den or at the rear of the enclosure.  Since the Red Wolf Center is now their home, please understand that we do not disturb the exhibit wolves to make them more visible for viewing.

Next steps for the Center include developing interactive exhibits to more thoroughly tell the story of world's most endangered wolf.