Although many game species may be hunted on Pocosin Lakes, deer hunting is the most popular.  Deer and other species may be taken in many areas of the Refuge in accordance with state and refuge regulations.  We also allow the take of feral hogs in most areas.  However, we do not allow bear or turkey hunting.  Download our Hunting Brochure for all the details.  Brochures are also available at the Refuge Headquarters/Visitor Center in Columbia, NC, and at a few other locations around the Refuge, usually by early August. 

In addition to refuge regulations, all federal and state regulations apply.  Please visit the NC Wildlife Resources Commission website for details about hunting in North Carolina, including current hunting seasons and bag limits.  

There is a $15.00 annual fee for hunting on Pocosin Lakes Refuge.  This covers all hunting, including the limited deer hunting opportunities on the Pungo Unit of the Refuge.  Deer may be hunted on the Pungo Unit (except that Pungo Lake is closed to all public entry) during each of North Carolina's Eastern Deer Seasons, using the weapons authorized by state regulations except that 1) modern rifles and pistols can not be used for hunting (anywhere on the Refuge), 2) only archery equipment can be used on the Pungo Unit during November, and 3) no hunting is allowed on the Pungo Unit after November.  The Pungo Unit was established to provide winter habitat for migratory waterfowl.  Waterfowl begin arriving as early as September and build to peak numbers in December or January.  We limit hunting on the Pungo Unit during November, and close it completely thereafter, to prevent waterfowl disturbance.
This online leaflet (link above) is specially designed to print nicely on an 8.5 X 11 paper size, for your convenience.