Piemont NWR Resident Wildlife

cooper hawk 512W

Cooper's Hawk: Adults are steely blue-gray above with warm reddish bars on the underparts and thick dark bands on the tail. Juveniles are brown above and crisply streaked with brown on the upper breast, giving them a somewhat hooded look compared with young Sharp-shinned Hawks' more diffuse streaking.

While the Refuge’s primary goal is the protection of endangered species and migratory birds, the refuge also tries to improve the natural diversity for resident fish and wildlife species. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the refuge to manage resident wildlife within its boundaries. The most widely recognized resident wildlife species that are common in the area included white-tailed deer, Eastern wild turkey, gray squirrel, fox squirrel, raccoon, opossum, eastern cottontail rabbit, wood duck, bobcat, and gray fox. Animals of less common occurrence include northern bobwhite quail, black bear, swamp rabbit, and red fox. Coyotes, beavers, muskrat, otter and various species of bats also occur on the refuge. Piedmont is also home to many species of resident and migratory raptors, common reptile species such as the black rat snake, black racer, fence lizard, and green anole.

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Piedmont Bird List

For a full listing of all refuge plants and animals, please see Appendix I. in our Comprehensive Conservation Plan.