Salt Flat Community

Habitat: Salt Flat Community

 The salt flat community occurs in estuarine areas subjected to irregular flooding by salt water. It occurs in shallow depressions wherein evaporation of the high salinity ocean water concentrates salt. Sparse cover and low diversity characterize its plant density and species composition. In vegetated areas, dominant species may include halophytic herbs such as saltmeadow glasswort, Bigelow's saltwort, jointed saltwort, rarely sea blite, sand spurrey, and orach. Smooth cordgrass, salt grass, and seaside oxeye occur in marginal zones. The centers of these communities are often completely barren of vegetation. These communities tend to be relatively small and occur within the salt marsh community. Primary differences between the salt flat and salt marsh communities include the dominance of vegetation with high salt tolerance and lower overall vegetative cover in the salt flat community. The salt flat community can change or shift location depending upon change in environmental conditions, such as a change in water circulation, salinity, or sand deposition. The salt flat community may transition into either salt or brackish marsh.

Facts About Salt Flat Community

Typical Plants: 

  • saltmeadow glasswort
  • Bigelow's saltwort
  • jointed saltwort
  • sea blite
  • sand spurrey
  • orach
  • smooth cordgrass
  • salt grass
  • seaside oxeye