Saving Monarch Butterflies!

Monarch butterfly banner

The monarch butterfly is in jeopardy. Their numbers have dramatically declined in recent years because of habitat loss.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently launched a new national campaign to help the monarch.  The emphasis of the initiative is on increasing monarch habitat by planting native milkweed plants.  This is something that anyone can do!    

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge will be conducting a number of fun events and programs over the next year that will inform and inspire others about monarch butterfly conservation.  These programs will focus on concrete things that anyone can do to help the monarch.  All monarch-related programs will be announced through our monthly public program schedule that can be found on the refuge's homepage.  

Please check back here often for updates about the monarch and what the refuge is doing, through its programming, to help others help the monarch!


Monarch Resources:

Save the Monarch, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's monarch conservation initiative web page.  

Click here for a great a great slide show about the monarch butterfly.

Click here for a fantastic (and brief video) that shows a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis!

Monarch Watch is one of the oldest and coolest online resources about monarch butterflies.

Click here for a GREAT pamphlet about how to plant a pollinator garden!

Click here to learn how "citizen scientists" are helping the monarch!