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Talk with a Biologist

Two children hiking along forest trail, carrying backpacks and walking sticks.  Photo by Steve Hillebrand, USFWS

This is your chance to interact directly with professional wildlife biologists and researchers in their preferred habitat – the field! Our goals are to enrich your experience, help you think broadly and deeply about the amazing natural world around you, and share what goes into caring for the National Bison Range Complex. Sessions are intended for all ages, and each has a special activity for children.

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Check at the Visitor Center for locations. Talks are subject to change. Check back or call 406-644-2211 extension 0.

  • Pollinators

    Closeup of a Hunt's Bumblebee, yellow and black with orange stripes, on thistle flower.  Photo by Marilyn Kircus, USFWS volunteer.

    June 18 & 20  


    National Pollinator Week is here.  Come learn about the big job these little creatures do.

  • Migratory Birds

    Bullock's Oriole.150x118. IN talk biol

    June 25 & 27  


    Come look through our spotting scopes and hold a nest as we talk about amazing annual journeys.

  • Waterfowl and Wetlands

    A variety of ducks in flight above pond, including northern pintails.  Photo by Gary Kramer, USFWS

    July 2 (no program July 4)


    Learn all about all the wonders of the wetlands.

  • Managing Bison Habitat

    Bison herd grazing on fall grasses.  Photo by Pat Jamieson, NBR/USFWS

    July 9 & 11 


    Learn about bison habitat selection and our unique methods of moving bison from pasture to pasture.

  • Insect Warriors

    Small, round, shiny black beetles on St Johnswort, biological weed control.  NBR photo

    July 16 & 18 


    See how we use insects as a biological control to combat invasive plants, which helps us improve the landscape.

  • Bison Rut

    Bison male and female, closeup view of pair standing side by side.  Photo by Ryan Hagerty, USFWS

    July 23 & 25 


    What's a nice buffalo like you doing in a wallow like this?  Observe bison courtship at its finest during this active match making session.

  • Cooperative Conservation

    Montana Conservation Corps participants searching field for noxious weeds.

    July 30 and August 1 


    Learn how we are working together with agencies and neighbors to care for the Mission Valley.

  • Invasive Species

    Yellow toadflax flowers. NBR photo.

    August 6 & 8 


    Talk with us about invasive plant species and what we all can do to stop them.

  • Research Projects

    Sampling Net with grasshopper and mantis on rim.  NBR photo

    August 13 & 15 


    Nope - we don't know it all.  Come learn about some of the research being conducted in our magnificent natural classroom.

  • National Wildlife Refuge System

    Western kingbird, a yellow and gray bird, perched on a refuge sign with the blue goose symbol.  Photo by Dave Menke, USFWS

    August 20 & 22  


    Find out about the opportunities that await you on our other National Wildlife Refuges and Waterfowl Production Areas.

  • Native American Culture

    Single white teepee in meadow with forest behind.  Photo by Pat Jamieson, USFWS

    August 27 & 28 


    "...everything on Earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission." - Mourning Dove (Salish).  Join us as we share the history and significance of this land, so treasured by indigenous peoples.

  • Predators

    A radio-collared mountain lion perched in tree on snow covered branches.  NBR photo.

    September 3 & 5 


    Sneak on over and let's chat about the top of the food chain at the Bison Range.

  • Prescribed Fire

    Staff person starting prescribed fire in grassland at Crow Waterfowl Production Area.  NBR photo

    September 10 & 12 


    Where's there smoke, there' life.  Spark your interest in fire as a tool to improve wildlife habitat.

  • Elk and other Grazers

    Head on view of bull elk with full autumn antlers.  Photo by Ryan Hagerty, USFWS

    September 17 & 19 


    Let's learn about the variety of hooved, horned and antlered animals that call the National Bison Range home.

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2013
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