New Road Restrictions at National Bison Range

View of the two-way Prairie Drive along Mission Creek, showing narrow gravel road and blind curve.  Photo by Pat Jamieson, Volunteer, USFWS.

To assist visitors in a better wildlife experience, the National Bison Range will keep the Prairie Drive (Winter Drive) open two-way through the summer.

Road Restrictions


 For safety reasons, there is a restriction excluding longer vehicles as well as any trailer or towed vehicle from the Prairie Drive. Those traveling in with these vehicles should plan accordingly before visiting the National Bison Range. Larger vehicles, trailers and other towed units will be restricted to accessing the Day Use Area, the Visitor Center and the West Loop. These larger vehicles and any trailers may be left in the parking lot at the Visitor Center if visitors have smaller vehicles (such as towed cars) with them. 

Also, for safety reasons, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and bicycles are not allowed to travel on the graveled scenic drives. They may access the Visitor Center and Day Use areas along paved roads.

Visitor Center Hour Restrictions


 Because the Visitor Center will be on restricted hours (follow link to Fee Page), we have installed an “Iron Ranger” (located at Visitor Center Parking Area Kiosk) to allow visitors to pay fees for the scenic drives when the Center is closed. 


We don’t have a “name” for our Iron Ranger yet – can you come up with a clever one to make “him or her” less impersonal?