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Junior Duck Stamp

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program is a dynamic educational program designed to spark youth interest in habitat conservation through science, art, math and technology. Students in kindergarten through high school are encouraged to interpret the natural world through artistic expression. By providing a basis for participation in the Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest, the activities encourage students to move beyond simply "learning about" wildlife and wildlife art to testing their abilities as wildlife artists.

Students from around the United States submit their artwork to their state, territory or district competition. Winners from these competitions, called the "Best of Show," are then submitted to the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest. One image from the Best of Show entries will become the next Junior Duck Stamp.

Junior Duck Stamps are sold for $5 each by the U.S. Postal Service, Amplex Corporation, and various National Wildlife Refuges. All proceeds from the sale of Junior Duck Stamps are returned to the program.

2015 Minnesota Best of Show

 Redhead by Sophie Olund, Age 17.

 2015 MN Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winner



The Minnesota Junior Duck Stamp Program has migrated north to Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge! Click here for contact information. 







Last Updated: Apr 13, 2015
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