Updates on Lake Mattamuskeet

Welcome to the Lake Mattamuskeet Update page. Here you will find information about the historic and current status of Lake Mattamuskeet’s ecosystem and the wildlife it supports, breeding and wintering waterfowl, migratory fish and recreational fish populations. We will also be posting news about our ongoing collaborative research, monitoring and management activities and summaries from our quarterly public informational meetings. For more detailed information about annual wintering waterfowl numbers, please select the “Hunting” tab on the main page.
For assistance in finding the information you need and identifying new information as it is posted, postings will be in chronological order, with the most recent information posted at the TOP.

  • February 11, 2016 Co-Management of Certain Programs - MOU

    Fish and Wildlife Service, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission  Strengthen Collaboration to Improve the Lake’s Health & Boost Outdoor Recreation at Mattamuskeet NWR

    RALEIGH, N.C. (February 11, 2016) -- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission today announced additional steps to strengthen their long-standing conservation partnership and said the lake at Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge in Swan Quarter, North Carolina, will be the big winner. Download the MOU.

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  • December 5, 2014 Collaborative Management Memorandum

    Collaborative Management Memorandum - This Memorandum of Collaboration outlines a shared commitment by the Service and the Commission to continue working together to identify and achieve common goals that are beneficial to the refuge, such as improving Lake Mattamuskeet’s aquatic environment and enhancing public access to the lake for a variety of recreational uses.   Earlier this year, the Refuge, with the assistance of the Commission, completed several projects to improve fishing access to Lake Mattamuskeet. More info in this press release.

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  • June 2014 Fact Sheet June 27 2014

    Fact Sheet explaining management plans for the immediate future, as well as actions recently taken to improve fishing access and fish studies.

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  • June 27, 2014 Press Release for Open House June 17 2014

    Notice inviting public to an Open House to update on fishery management, surveys, lake management plans, and constuction.

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  • March 5, 2014 Lake Mattamuskeet Technical Working Group Meeting Notes

    Purpose for the meeting: 
    1) Frame the issues, formulate and prioritize appropriate questions to meet objectives. 
    2) Discuss currently available data describing current and optimal ecological condition of Lake Mattamuskeet necessary to support its biota; emergent vegetation and SAV, migratory birds, anadromous/catadromous species, blue crabs and recreational fishery. Identify critical information/data gaps. 
    3) Identify next steps and timeline that will lead to the development of a lake management plan. This plan will address short and long term priority wildlife and fishery objectives and appropriate management actions.

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  • Lake Mattamuskeet Management Fact Sheet 2/11/2014

    Fact Sheet produced 2/11/2014 with Q & A's about Management of Lake Mattamuskeet

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  • Waterfowl Survey Summary 2/2/2014

    Summary of USFWS Aerial Waterfowl Survey flown on 1/24/2014

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  • Lakes Mattamuskeet and Pungo are havens for birders 1/23/2014

    Sun Journal Article dated January 16, 2014 by Bill Hand

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  • Waterfowl Survey Summary 1/23/2014

    Summary of USFWS Aerial Waterfowl Survey flown on 12/17/2013

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  • Mattamuskeet NWR Waterfowl populations & wetland habitats 1/21/2014

    Technical Presentation at Meeting November 18, 2013 by John Stanton, Migratory Birds Biologist, USFWS 

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  • Fish Passage into North Carolina's Largest Natural Lake: Mattamuskeet 1/21/2014

    Technical Presentation at Meeting November 18, 2013 by Roger A. Rulifson Professor and Senior Scientist Department of Biology, and Institute for Coastal Science and Policy East Carolina University

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  • Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge Authorization and Purpose Lake Mattamuskeet Information 1/21/2014

    Technical Presentation at Meeting November 18, 2013 by Pete Campbell, Refuge Manager Mattamuskeet NWR

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  • USGS continuous water-quality monitoring at Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge 1/21/2014

    Technical Presentation at November 18, 2013 Meeting by Michelle Moorman USGS NC Water Science Center

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  • Lake Mattamuskeet Fisheries Management Update

    Technical Presentation at November 18, 2013 Meeting by Jeremy McCargo District 1 Fisheries Biologist, NC Wildlife Resources Commission

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  • Hyde County Commission Resolution


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  • Lake Mattamuskeet historic fish species composition

  • Water Quality Monitoring Fact Sheet

    Produced in December, 2012

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  • Invitation List for the November 18 2013 meeting

    Lake Mattamuskeet "Engagement Group"

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  • Lake Mattamuskeet Informational Meeting November 18 2013

    Purpose for the meeting:
    1) Report on results from research and monitoring projects designed to evaluate the ecological condition of Lake Mattamuskeet
    2) Initiate a dialogue to share perspectives about the lake’s current ecological status
    3) Provide an update on refuge projects to improve water management capabilities
    3) Discuss next steps towards developing a lake management plan and improving the flow of information between the refuge, user communities and the general public

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  • Results of the Annual Mid-winter Waterfowl Survey on Lake Mattamuskeet and Surrounding Farm Fields (1961-2014)

    Prepared by Doug L. Howell
    Waterfowl Biologist, Division of Wildlife Management
    North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
    January 15, 2014

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