Wild Food Harvest

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Picking of berries, mushrooms and nuts is another popular outdoor activity on the Refuge.  Please be advised that refuge regulations apply to these activities and all harvested goods are for personal use only, no resale or commercial use.  

  • Mushroom Harvest


    Morel (spring) and oyster mushrooms (summer) as well as many other kinds of mushrooms are found throughout the refuge.  

  • Wildberry Harvest


    Wild strawberries and blackberries (early summer) and persimmons (late fall) are abundant on many portions of the refuge.

  • Nut Harvest

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    Pecan and black walnut trees are very common on the refuge, especially in the floodplains of the Marais des Cygnes River and other streams, and at abandoned farmsites. Some years (mast years) will produce "bumper" crops of nuts while on other years only a few trees will produce well. Nuts are generally harvested in late fall.