Mesic Pine Flatwoods

Habitat: Pine Flatwoods
Mesic pine flatwoods occur on 131 acres of the refuge’s 8,219 acres. It is found on the well-drained ridges near Knotts Island Road. The Nature Conservancy ranks the forests as rare in North Carolina, and demonstrably very secure throughout its range. The typical tree species present are sweetgum, American holly, and loblolly pine. Shrubs include dogwood, ironwood, blueberry, and gallberry and the ground cover consists of mixed grasses and sedges. In certain forest stands on the refuge, the understory is infested with Chinese privet, an exotic invasive shrub. The refuge does not actively manage or regularly survey the forest, but does treat outbreaks of insects and diseases as they occur and conduct prescribed burning when the proper conditions exist.

Facts About Mesic Pine Flatwoods


American Holly

Loblolly Pine