Waterfowl Quota Hunt

Waterfowl Quota Hunt

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

― John Steinbeck

A Quota Permit is required to hunt waterfowl on Champion Lake and Little Champion Lake during the waterfowl season on the refuge.  Permits will be limited to 8 per weekend on Champion Lake and 4 per weekend on Little Champion Lake. Successful applicants are eligible for only one hunt per lake. Signed refuge permits, a signed and affixed Federal Duck Stamp, and applicable State licenses are required. 

Quota Hunt Application Procedures 

To apply for a quota hunt permit, type or plainly print your:
  • Name 
  • Address  
  • Phone number w/ area code 
  • Indicate one weekend preference during the TN state waterfowl season, BY DATE.  
  • Indicate lake preference (Champion Lake (north or south) or Little Champion Lake).
This is what your application card should look like upon completion.
Unofficial postcards will be discarded prior to drawing.  

Send postcard in an envelope addressed to the Refuge Manager and send to:  
  Reelfoot NWR 
  4343 Highway 157
  Union City, TN 38261
  Attn: Lower Hatchie Waterfowl Hunt 

 Postcards for the waterfowl hunt must be received during the month of October. A total of up to 4 hunters may apply on the same postcard. One hunter’s information on the front of the postcard and up to 3 additional hunters information on the back.

Youth Waterfowl Hunts will be drawn separately. On a postcard include Youth Hunt and Lake Preference. See Youth Supervision Section on the Public Use Regulations brochure for supervisory requirements. Only persons drawn for the hunt are allowed to participate in the hunt (No hunt guests are permitted).  Both the youth hunter and his/her supervising adult must apply together on the same postcard to be selected for a quota hunt. If selected, the youth hunter must be under direct supervision by the adult during the hunt.  


You may interested in viewing the maps for the Champion and Little Champion Lakes.