Kids Fishing Clinic-Compatible Activity

 "The mission of the System is to administer a national network of lands and waters for the conservation, management, and where appropriate, restoration of the fish, wildlife, and plant resources and their habitats within the United States for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans" (mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System).

Compatibility determinations are documents written, signed and dated by the refuge manager and the regional chief of refuges that signify whether proposed or existing uses of national wildlife refuges are compatible with their establishing purposes and the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Compatibility circles back to the ecological integrity of the System (Improvement Act of 1997); fragmentation (via non-compatible activities) of System wildlife habitat is a direct threat to the quantity and quality of habitat.

All recreational activities and economic or other uses of a refuge by the public or other non-Service entity require compatibility determinations, which must include our analysis of all facilities, structures and improvements associated with the uses. Economic uses must also contribute to achieving refuge purposes and the mission of the Refuge System. Compatibility determinations are not required for such refuge management activities as scientific studies or surveys, historic preservation, law enforcement, or the maintenance of refuge management facilities, structures, or improvements.

Additional compatibility determination information can be found here. Hunting; fishing; wildlife observation and noncommercial photography; environmental education and interpretation; commercial filming, audio recording, and still photography; cooperative farming and prescriptive grazing; research and monitoring were examined as to compatibility on the Refuge. Compatibility determinations for each are in this pdf.